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Rappnet is a self-moderated discussion forum delivered to subscribers by email, serving Rappahannock County.

This website provides information on RAPPNet’s list-serv. For questions, please email RAPPNet’s Administrator, twoolman@ontargettek.com.

How to Join

RAPPNet is free of charge for the residents and homeowners of Rappahannock County.

To protect our members from spam (Junk Email) we ask that all new members confirm who they are. To join:
Send an email to twoolman@ontargettek.com stating your full name, connection to Rappahannock County (or surrounding area if you work or do business here), and what town you live near.
(Optional) To help keep your posts from getting stopped by spam filters, add these addresses to your address book:
rappnet-bounces@list.rappnet.org (list-serv emails)
rappnet-owner@list.rappnet.org (list-serv information emails)
twoolman@ontargettek.com (Administrator’s email address)
Visit the General Posting Information page for instructions on posting emails.

To Unsubscribe: Go to the bottom of the Rappnet Information Page, put in your email address, and click the Unsubscribe or edit options button.

If you can’t find what you need on this site, have questions, or need help, email RAPPNet’s Administrator at: twoolman@ontargettek.com

You must subscribe to RAPPNet by adding your email to the RAPPNet list-serv database in order to send email messages to others registered with RAPPNet.

When you want to post to all the members of RAPPNet, send an email to Rappnet@list.rappnet.org and include “loc:” in the subject line of your email.

RAPPNet currently has two sections of the list. One is just for local Rappahannock news, the other for all other subjects. We have become a very busy email list and folks can discuss virtually any subject. To help organize posts for the people that want to discuss only local issues, we also have “Rappnet Local”.

How Rappnet Works: All posts are sent to the same address: Rappnet@list.rappnet.org

Rappnet: If your post pertains to politics, world, national issues, sports, or anything outside our community, you don’t have to do anything special. Just post to Rappnet@list.rappnet.org.

Rappnet Local: If your post is about Rappahannock County news, questions, or local issues, then please post it to “Local Rappnet”. Just put Loc: in your subject line. Rappnet’s software will then send this post on to the folks that have subscribed to “Rappnet Local”. Local subscribers ONLY get the posts with Loc: or Local: in the subject line. See the Rappnet Local posting guidelines below before posting!

Please note: Posts sent to Local Rappnet are received by all members. No need to send posts twice. Before you hit send ask yourself “Do I want to send this to Local Rappnet too? Remembering the first time helps prevent having to double post messages.

If you’d like to be on the local only list you can click the “Local Rapp Discussion” checkbox in your control Panel . (See the Control Panel Page.) The Rappnet Administrator can also do this for you.

Guideline for local posts :

The local list is for local information and subjects that directly affect only Rappahannock residents. No world or national politics or issues. Information from surrounding areas may be included as needed. If in doubt, post to the main list first. Please be respectful and polite.

Please use common sense in posting to the local list. We are a self moderated list, so you are the editor. Folks will no doubt send posts that other folks think shouldn’t be in Local Rappnet. Tolerance of mistakes, good manners, and a touch of community sprit, will go a long way towards making Rappnet work well, and be enjoyable for all.

Rappnet’s Digest Version. You can reduce Rappnet’s sheer volume in your email inbox using the digest. The digest condenses Rappnet posts into 2 or 3+ emails per day, but can be a bit confusing to read with earlier replies included in posts, and discussions not in logical order. You can subscribe to the Digest Version when you sign up, in your Control Panel, or by requesting it from our Administrator. Personally, I think a better way to reduce your inbox clutter from Rappnet is to use Gmail from Google. See our Help page for more info on Gmail.

Things to check before hitting send:

Is my post addressed correctly? Sometimes email programs auto-fill another Rappnet address like rappnet-request@ or rappnet-bounces@ and your post disappears into cyber-space.
The correct address to send posts to is: Rappnet(at)list.rappnet.org (Replace (at) with @)
Do I want to send this to “Local” Rappnet and did I add Loc: (With the Colon) to the subject line?

Am I accidentally replying to something that was sent to me Off-List, and I’ve mistakenly assumed it was sent to everybody?
(This is the most common reason for the “Stop-my-post” request. Sorry, that’s not possible.) Be sure to check before hitting send!!!

Are you replying to a thread (Ongoing conversation) that you haven’t completely read? Often somebody else has already made your point.

Have I read over my post to make sure it makes sense? Have I spell checked it?
Did I include the earlier post I’m replying to , so everybody knows what I’m talking about? Did I remove any unneeded text from posts far back in the thread?

Did I write something while mad, and I’m going to regret sending it later? (Use the old count-to-ten before hitting send method. If that doesn’t work, count to one hundred.)

Did I have a “few too many” while writing my post? Maybe you should re-read it in the morning before hitting send….
In short, check your posts over carefully to avoid mistakes. Then hit send.

RAPPNet email attachment size limit is now 800 KB (it was previously 300 KB).

Because so many of our members are on Dial-up connections, Rappnet has a size limit of 280 KB 800 KB per post. If your post contains photos, or PDF files be sure that the total size is less then 280 KB 800 KB. Remember that text takes up some room too, so a post with a 240 KB picture will be just about 280 KB in total size. If you send a post that exceeds the size limit it goes to The list administrator for approval or rejection. If it’s just a little oversize they are often approved.

Many digital photos will need to be “downsized” to fit on Rappnet. You’ll need to use a photo editor to do this and there are some web based services that will do it free.

To manage your listserv account preferences or to unsubscribe, please visit:


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